Every family starts with a nice little house, well almost all of middle class folks. They start small with dreams of building their own dream houses and castles and mansions someday, dreaming big for their family.

As the family grows in numbers, more space is needed in the whole house to accommodate the need of every family member, and aside from that room space would also mean additional more room to move around, more space to place your furniture, home equipments and other stuff that you might buy along the way in your lives. Especially when the kids grow into teens, they will start to have their own individual rooms, which will automatically chew space in your home.

The best advice is to invest in a home addition project is when you are planning to stay in your home for a while. Giving yourself a few years to enjoy your improved home is much better than doing it just to increase your resale value. This is true mainly because you can never be sure how much you will get back when you do resell. It makes more sense to invest in a remodel or home addition when you will be able to enjoy the benefits in the long run. If the primary goal is resell, stick to minor remodels.

Painting a House

There is no easier or more cost effective way to make the inside of a home look new than by painting the walls and ceiling. Paint also provides the ability to change the overall theme of a room and can usually be done in a weekend. Another really good thing about paint is the various finishes that are available. You can get a flat paint that's easy to touch up and cover imperfections or an eggshell that's easier to clean.

As for paint colors, the possibilities are endless. In addition to the thousands of color pallettes available, we can match paint to anything you want. This kind of flexibility allows you to decorate a room anyway you like. It also allows for a greater selection in flooring and furniture since no matter what you pick, the room can be painted to match.

Here are some of the most popular home interior painting projects that you may be interested in doing to your house.

  • Wall Painting - This is the most common of all home improvements. Home owners like to keep the inside of their houses looking new with a fresh coat of paint.
  • Ceiling Painting - Whether you have a slick finished ceiling or a stippled one, painting it can make a room look new while eliminating stains and yellowing.
  • Trim Painting - Accenting a room with a shiny coat of paint on your trim will make the wall colors more vibrant and create breaks between ceiling/walls/floors.
  • Painting & Staining Cabinets - This is a great way to make you home look newer and also allows you to match new flooring or even appliances.


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